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"Over the years, I've lost people dear and close to me because of the lack of strength and courage I had. But now its different. I've grown strong. And somehow I'm not satisfied."  — Shiro

Name: Shiro Morimoto

Kanji: シロ森本

Romanji: Morimoto Shiro

Meaning: White Source of God's Tribute

Race: Shinigami

Birthday: May 15

Age: (Appears 25) Over 500+

Gender: Male

Height:186 cm (6'1")

Weight: 210 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light Brown

Blood Type: 0+

Affiliation: 7th squad, Gotei 13

Occupation: Lieutenant of 7th Division

Team: 7th Division, Gotei 13, Soul Society, Seireitei

Partner: Captain of the 7th Division

Base of Operations:  7th Division Barracks

Marital Status: Married

Wife: Kaida Saito

Relatives: Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Aduah Morimoto (Sister, Deceased) Gaiden Morimoto (Father Deceased)

Education: Morimoto House,Shinō Academy

Status: Alive


Shiro is a youthful appearing man with sun kissed skin tone, a muscular body tone and standing six feet tall. He has messy short brown hair that has bangs that dangle on his face and light brown eyes. His most distinguishing trait are the three scars that go down his left eye that he got when he was a child and encountered a hollow in his District. On his collarbone next to his left arm he has a long vertical scar that extends to his left pectoral and another scar that goes horizontally on his gut. Shiro used to wear a standard Shinigami uniform when he was a seated member of the 7th division, but ever since his promotion to Lieutenant, he wears a modified version of the Shinigami uniform, most notably a red sash along his waist that is adorned with gold fur lacing, and black boots that have white trim. He also wears golden gauntlets on his forearms.


Shiro's personality could be summarized as a laid-back and fairly easy to get along with, compared to the other lieutenants of the Gotei 13, Shiro is seen as rather childish guy who adds fun and comical displays to events which are otherwise dire, often irritating his fellow lieutenants and friends who prefer the following of rules and discipline. Shiro has been seen as a lazy man, often trying to avoiding his duty unless absolutely necessary or when there is a rather severe emergency.

Compassionate and caring to pretty much everyone, Shiro makes friends easily. However, his lazy persona hides an extremely keen mental eye and intellect matched only by the greatest minds the Soul Society has produced. During any crisis of great magnitude, Shiro always reveals the cunning and dangerous side of his intelligence, which also gives Shiro quite a degree of knowledge pertaining to some things most don't know. Most have also called Shiro's natural intelligence into light, stating several times that whenever disaster strikes, there's no one better to turn to than Shiro.

In battles he cannot simply ignore or otherwise talk himself out of, he changes from the lazy, fun-loving Captain seen in everyday situations to a ferocious fighter whose strength and bloodthirstiness is matched by few others within Soul Society's ranks. He has been called merciless in battle and a fierce enemy. Shiro is a man well-known for his wild style of combat, especially when it comes to his ferociousness. Despite his apparent childish side often being his most seen traits, Shiro, despite popular believe among the other divisions and captains of the Gotei 13, can be serious and decisive should the situation demand the need. This is shown most notably when something serious, involving planning for difficult missions, and battles. He always keeps a calm head and proceeded to suggest methods that will work to his side's advantage.

Back in his single days, Shiro used to be a womanizer, saying  that he has a gift as in he can repeatedly woo girls with much success. His trait led to some strict captains, lieutenant, and seated members to openly hate Shiro, though Shiro himself remains oblivious to this himself at present. It should be noted that Shiro didn't just hit on just anyone, though he only ever attempted to woo those he takes a general interest in.

When at home, Shiro is actually full of energy because, in his own words, his home is "interesting". He generally acts in a manner that pleases him alone, showing himself to be quite good with children because these habits are often quite comical. As a husband he is pretty much very romantic and will do anything for his wife. He even explained that the love for his wife that is like a star that will never die. When with his kids, calling him a large, overgrown child would be an understatement. He loves to spoil his kids and in times somewhat overprotective. Even with others he acts the goof, always welcoming Nigawarai Makaze with a headlock after a few weeks where he hadn't seen him, or hug the crap out of Jewel because he considers her his niece. Shiro carries an iron-clad will to protect and serve those who have his love or respect.



__|Power & Abilities|__
Shiro is a very capable fighter, even by Vice Captain standards. Having been training all of his childhood and Shinigami career, he carries a deep knowledge of most forms of Shinigami combat. His most recognized talents are his skill in Zanjutsu, the Shinigami art of swordfighting; Bojutsu; Kendo and Shunpou, which is high speed movement. Speed and strength are key to him when in a battle, as he is regarded as the fastest Vice Captain in the Gotei 13 and therefore, uses it to his advantage constantly. In comparison to most other Vice Captains, Shiro has a great amount of Spiritual Pressure within him. By the time he became the Vice Captain of the 7th Division, he was considered to be one of the strongest of Shinigami who wasn't at Captain rank or level, and as such, a very potent fighter. When it comes to a fight, he blends his smarts with his combat skill. Never one to rush head on into a fight, Shiro always watches, always listens, and never turns his attention away from his opponent.  He can also be fairly arrogant when he starts to gain the upper hand against a foe, but for the most part, he remains level headed.

:bulletblue:Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Shiro demonstrated highly proficient skill in swordsmanship, enough to fight most of the battles with only a single hand and with well-timed maneuver. His time spent training with his father, Gaiden, allowed him to acquire basic knowledge of how to wield a sword like a professional, and he demonstrated a great amount of skill with it. By the time he entered the Shino Acadamy, he was outclassing each and every one of the other students when practicing in Zanjutsu. It was this skill that garnered him much respect among his subordinates and his Captain when he obtained the rank of Vice Captain. Similar to most experts of Zanjutsu, Shiro utilizes a form of fighting resembling Kendo. He grips his massive sword with great force, and puts effort and power into each and every one of his strikes. Shiro is extremely proficient with Kendo; a sword fighting style, having an uncanny talent for delivering all of its basic and advanced techniques with expert precision. It is considered his primary form of sword fighting, as it is easy to access and it allows Shiro to go all out in a battle when he desires to. It is primarily a two-handed art that centers around testing the opponent's spirit and resolve, as well as bringing discipline to the wielder on the art of using the katana. It consists mostly of strikes and thrusts, at least, when it comes to the more modern styles like what Shiro uses, in contrast to more stance based techniques traditional Kendo style. Using both of his hands on his sword grip, Shiro can swing in very powerful and destructive motions when he chooses, sometimes capable of disrupting the immediate atmosphere around himself and his opponent when augmenting these swings with his mighty wind based powers. Striking with intense precision and power, Shiro is a deadly opponent when using Kendo. Shiro's swordsmanship along with his strength and spiritual pressure allows him to redirect oncoming energy attacks, such as Kidou or even other Zanpakuto abilities, away from him, as well as shield himself from them. Shiro has a tendency to "go loose" when fighting a powerful foe, often resorting to flashy, stylish attacks that often don't resemble a form of sword fighting at all.
  :bulletblack:Bōjutsu (棒術, Staff Technique): Though Shiro's signature means of combat may seem to be strictly Zanjutsu, his favorite style of fighting with Bojutsu. His abilities with Bojutsu are beyond admirable, and Shiro is considered one of the foremost experts in the art. His Shikai, which takes the form of an obsidian staff, is the perfect weapon for one who uses speed and strength in harmony during battle. With such speed, Shiro is able to land at least a dozen blows within a matter of mere seconds. He is also said to have sliced an entire building in half with one swing while in Shikai, demonstrating how sharply he can cut with a blunt instrument.

:bulletblue: Hakuda Expert: Shiro is just as much of a ruffian in hand-to-hand as he is with his blade, befitting his entire personality; he's a tremendously skilled in hand-to-hand combatant. He prefers to bombard his opponent with a flurry of bone-shattering punches delivered at breakneck speeds, though he will occasionally throw in a kick or two for good measure. It has been shown that he is able to defeat even Captain-level Shinigami with brute strength alone. While fighting, Shiro can also think on the spot, and come up with creative counterattacks against his enemies.

:bulletblue: Near Peak Physical Condition: Shiro a remarkable amount of strength for a human, stated to be taken to higher levels through intense exercise, training, and experience. The strength of the swing is enough to make anyone mistake a shock wave for a massive energy rift attack. This is due to him using more 75% of his muscles while an average human uses 30% or less. While he has never been seen using it often, it is obvious when he is capable of crushing large solid poles with the grip of a hand, punch through solid walls,and bench press twice his weight as well as jumping farther than the average human; 20 ft in a single bound and 10 feet without a starting run-up. Also, Shiro possesses a high-level of resilience and stamina, evidenced by his ability to train for 9 hours non stop. Shiro has developed high musculature that generate less fatigue toxins than the musculature of most other humans, enabling him to gain greater endurance. Thanks to his durability, he can continue fighting effectively even after receiving many injuries and can survive attacks that would easily kill normal Humans effortlessly. As such, Shiro is able to withstand attacks that would be fatal to most humans. This is all due to the training he has gone through since his teenage years. He has denser and tougher bones/muscles than normal human because of his training over more than 5 centuries.  A side from his strength and durability being at his peak, Shiro has repeatedly shown himself to be a very agile fighter and has demonstrated great reflexes in battle, able to quickly dodge a strike with no wasted effort and he can instantly counterattack right after. He is able to strike quickly without warning and in rapid succession, almost like a blink of an eye.

:bulletblue: Impressive Speed/ Shunpo Expert: Shiro is masterful in the art of Flash Steps beyond an average Lieutenant's level. Shiro's speed has made him a legend in the eyes of his division and even the entirety of the Gotei 13. Along with his peak physical conditioning, he is extensively skilled in the Shinigami art of high-speed movement, with some saying that he could even rival the 2nd Division Captain. His standard movements, as mentioned above, allow him to lay several well placed and powerful strikes upon his targets within just a few seconds and avoid fast attacks in return. Moving as if he were a burst of wind in a mighty storm, he is capable of outclassing an entire enemy squad in terms of movement and mobility, infiltrating and blowing through their lines with such profound speeds, they would swear that he was nigh invisible. His Hohō skills, such as Flash Step, are even more impressive, with each Flash Step capable of causing disorientation in his foes. He can also create clones of himself using Flash Step. When Shiro releases Shikai, his speed increases even more. Shiro is capable of utilizing Kagentsuru's wind manipulation to his advantage when moving. Picking up the wind currents around him, he can move with such speeds that it is almost impossible to even see him. This allows him to easily and quickly transport himself to any location the wind blows, almost as if he is teleporting to that location through the wind itself. Whenever he arrives at his destination, a gust of wind bursts from his person, a trademark of the style. Though this can be seen as a weakness, as it reveals his location, by the time the noise reaches his opponent's ears, it is already too late, as he could have moved again by this point. It severely limits the number of steps he needs to take to make a movement. One of his favored manners of utilizing Flash Steps is charging his opponents head on, and then quickly Flash Stepping behind them. He does this with such great speed that an after-image of his charging form remains while the real Shiro appears behind them to attack.

:bulletblue: Great Spiritual Energy: In comparison to most other Vice Captains, Shiro has a great amount of Spiritual Pressure within him. From the time he was born to the present day, he had always projected a level of Spiritual Energy that was oddly unique among the other people. Those who have known Shiro for a long time recall feeling an almost soothing and yet unyielding amount of power within him, as if the winds themselves followed wherever he ventured. As he continued to train and develop his powers, his Spiritual Energy began to increase to a much higher levels. By the time he became the Vice Captain of the 7th Division, he was considered one of the strongest of Shinigami who wasn't at Captain rank or level, and as such, a very potent fighter. Due to his recently acquired Bankai, his Spiritual Energy has increased even more, making him more powerful than he was when he first joined the Gotei, though how strong he is now hasn't been specified. His Spiritual Energy is light blue in coloration, releasing it causes a large buildup of air pressure around him and can even suffocate lower level opponents and allies who are within close-vicinity. When it is exerted, his Spiritual Pressure has a tendency to shake the area around him slightly, while also carrying an influx of wind that can push back lower level fighters. It is light blue in coloration. Upon the release of his Bankai, an entire windstorm is generated, of which carries enough power to level an entire city block.
  :bulletblack:Senreiki (戦霊気; Battle Aura): A technique in utilizing perfectly controlled Spiritual Pressure along his well honed, endowed muscular structure, Shiro can create a virtual wall of steel with his own flesh and bones without becoming harmed by some of the most brutal attacks. By flourishing his spirit energy both along the surface of his skin and along the neural paths of his spiritual network to the point of impact, Shiro can both protect himself from both internal and external points of attack by some of the most high-class enemies. When Shiro takes heavy damage, he takes this technique up a notch. He pumps more spiritual energy and creates something that can be described as a "cloak" of blue spiritual energy which spirals around his body. The main objective of the Battle Aura allows for Shiro to make use of his great energy such that it boosts his physical capabilities; more specifically, his offensive traits, such as strength and spiritual pressure exertion, allowing him to contend with opponents that would normally be far too strong to cut through otherwise. The greater the magnification, the more dense the energy that manifests into the Battle Aura appears. It appears that it can even reach a point where Shiro's body manifests electrical discharge due to the extraordinary leaps in power. However, the downside to such an ability is that the further he multiplies the Battle Aura, the larger the strain on his body and soul, to the point that overdoing it could lead to significant injury and even death.

:bulletblue:Kido Practitioner: While not his strongest suit, or even his most preferred, Shiro is adequate in the use of Kidō. He is capable of performing spells up to level 60, but he still must use their respective incantation, or the spell will not function properly or at full power. His favored spell to use, unsurprisingly, is Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky).

:bulletblue:Great-Intellect/Tactician: Despite being known as the "lazy" and "childish" Lieutenant of the 7th Division, Shiro has shown to be very crafty and a very intellectual person. Shiro in a number of occasions has shown to be capable of understanding any situation that presents himself and adjust to it effectively. When it come to battles, he is a genius. Never one to underestimate his opponents unless victory is certain, Shiro is a tactical fighter by nature, at least at the start of a battle. Always watching his opponent, Shiro is able to deduce their basic tendencies and powers, but he can be taken by surprise if several powers come to light during a battle. One of his greatest skills is to create several strategies before entering battle and executing them. And he is quick to switch to a different strategy if his initial one fails to me his standards. This is one of the things that made him great for his position in the Gotei 13.
  :bulletblack:High Growth Rate: Shiro has displayed quick progression through his Zanjutsu and Kendo training with his father at an early age. Due to Shiro always training, and fighting with different people who have a vast amount diversity in abilities and powers, has made him an incredibly skillful individual. Allowing him to have a sharp mind and always keep up, in even drastic changes in the battle field and adapting to it.

 Shiro like everyone has weaknesses. Shiro weakness are higher Mastery of Kido, Stronger than him, Faster than him, Smarter than him,Strong fire Zanpakuto, higher Matery in Swordmanship, Hand to Hand combat, and Shunpo, Ice Cold temperatures, his own Rage.

Battle Statistics

Offense: 100



Reiatsu/Kido: 65

Intelligence: 80

Physical Stamina 90


Shiro's Skill Grades
Zanjutsu [A+],
Hohou [A+],
Kidou [-C],
Hakuda [C+],
Reiryoku [B].


Kagentsuru ( 風限界鶴 Wind Bound Crane) is Shiro's Zanpakuto. Kagentsuru takes the form of a standard katana, more of a daito like weapon with a star shaped guard, of which has a circular piece going around the tips of the star's arms. The handle is dull and dark purple in color. When Shiro meditates to enter Jinzen, he is able to enter into his Inner World where Kagentsuru resides in. There, Kagentsuru reveals its true form, a crane, the largest flying bird in the world. Fitting with it's physical form, the spirit is possessed of brilliant white plumage covering it's entire body, couple with a large Lavender crest around it's neck as well as matching feathers on the legs and similar purple markings around it's eyes. From Kagentsuru's wings to lower body, glowing blue markings cover it. Surrounding the bird are dark, circular clouds that hover around it, bouncing lightning throughout the clouds. The most stunning trait of Kagentsuru, however, is it's immense height, standing at a towering 35 feet, more than dwarfing Shiro Morimoto. When Kagentsuru speaks, the wind around him blows softly. While his voice sounds like very deep that speaks at a slow pace, like in an eerie way.

Shikai: Kagentsuru is released by the command "Spread your wings" (スプリド ユー ヰングス, Supurido yuu wingusu). Blue spiritual energy and wind currents then wrap around the blade; elongating it and quickly turning Kagentsuru into a long and elegant metal black staff made out of obsidian with golden tips, while wind currents and a blue glow surround the staff.

Shikai Special Abilities: Kagentsuru's abilities revolve around the power to manipulate air and its wind currents and use them for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Rasentsue (螺旋杖 Spinning Cane): Shiro spins his staff over and over again as it gathers up wind currents and is able to repel any sort of attack, be it energy-based or physical. It can also be used to suffocate his opponent, or can be expelled outwards and push them back a great distance, or even suck the oxygen out of the air to prevent the use of fire. This technique must be maintained in order to be effective, and Shiro is incapable of countering while it is in use.

Kazakami (風上 In Downwind): Shiro swings his staff above his head repeatedly as it charges wind currents. Once he is done he swings the staff towards the target releasing a devastating wind slash. If it is charged enough, Shiro can release several of these slashes at once. This technique is capable of slicing through several small buildings. Another variation of use with this technique is a small tornado creation.He manipulates the wind around him, and attack the opponent with his staff as he holds out his staff like a bat and spins around with the tornado, he can render the opponent helpless while he strikes. The strikes he delivers can fling people out of the tornado completely, wound them, or kill them. He can even spiral out of the tornado, allowing the tornado to rage on and fling out his damaged opponent. He can even cast a Kido, like Tenran, to strike the opponent while he flies out to safety. Remember that along with his staff hitting his opponent repeatedly, he can cut up the opponent with the wind tornado if he chooses, and shred them while he escapes

Bankai: Not Achieved

Artwork  Zanpakuto-Leader
Shiro Morimoto  Zanpakuto-Leader
Bleach Tite Kubo
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